NAA Cap and Ball Revolver Single 22 1.62″ Wood Stock 5


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22 Black Powder
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The NAA Companion is a percussion (cap & ball) .22 caliber five shot revolver, engineered by the legendary gun designer, Dick Casull.
The Companions use a #11 Percussion Cap and FFFFH or Pyrodex powder. The Super Companion is compatible with the grips, holsters and other accessories for the NAA .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver. Both models use .22 Caliber Cap & Ball bullets, available from NAA (see below).

As with NAA’s other Mini-Revolvers, the Companion employs the same precision design. The Companion is made in America, utilizing surgical-quality stainless steel.

Each revolver package includes:
50 – 30 gr lead bullets
Powder charge measure (yellow scoop)
Bullet seater
5 bullet nipples (already installed in cylinder)
Allen wrench for bullet nipples
Small padlock with NAA Logo

  • Category : Black Powder Firearms
  • Action : Revolver
  • Caliber : 22 Magnum Black Powder
  • Barrel Length : 1.6″
  • Sights : Fixed
  • Ignition : #11 Percussion
  • Stock Description : Wood
  • Weight : 7.2 oz
  • Finish : Stainless Steel