Stoeger Condor Outback Over/Under 12 Ga, 20″, 3″ Black Walnut, Polished Nickel


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Stoeger has built its reputation on providing affordable and reliable firearms for all occasions. Continuing in this tradition, Stoeger introduces for 2007 a new over & under that can be described as the ultimate multi-purpose shotgun. Called the Outback, this functional over & under sports 20″ barrels, making the gun easy to maneuver and quick to shoulder, whether it’s brought to play in tight cover or while protecting your home.

The Outback features a box-lock type over & under action complete with machine-turned monobloc sides. Recesses on either side of the receiver engage trunion pins, on which the barrels pivot, allowing for smooth, solid and secure opening and closing. The barrels utilize extractors to lift empty hulls from the chamber for easy removal. Optimum utility is achieved with the Outback’s open rifle-style sights that include a notched rear sight and a fixed-blade front sight, aiding in quick target acquisition and precise aiming.

Improved Cylinder and Modified screw-in choke tubes are included with each Outback. Accessory extended choke tubes include Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full enabling the Outback to shoot a wide range of ammo, from slugs to magnum turkey loads. The Outback comes in either 12- or 20-gauge, features 3″ chambers and is offered in a variety of finishes. Whether it’s traditional blued steel with an American walnut stock, or polished nickel with a black walnut stock, there are few needs that the Outback won’t handle reliably and efficiently.


CHOKE TUBES: IC and M screw-in chokes and wrench.

STOCK: American walnut or Black walnut.

SIGHTS: Open rifle sight.


CHOKE TUBES: Both flush and extended chokes available in C, IC, M, IM, and F.


Gauge :12

Barrel Length :20 in

Capacity :Over/Under

Chamber :2.75 in, 3 in

Overall Length :36 in

Weight :7 lbs.

Sight :Rifle

Stock :Black

Finish :Nickel Black